Valet Parking provides the highest standard of valet services in Montreal combined with a quality assurance acquired with years of experience. Valet Parking is the company reputed as the number 1 valet service for Montreal special events, private or corporate. Our experience allows Valet Parking to break away from the competition. Our first priority is to answer each needs of our clients, therefore Valet Parking offers you the possibility to customize our services to better suit your special event. Our team will work closely with particulars for private events as well as with wedding planners, party organizers and corporate event coordinators for larger scale logistic to ensure that your guests are greeted in accordance to your wishes.

Our services include an excellent team of mature and fully trained personnel that will ensure a premier valet service at your special event. Each member of our team is required to wear a classic valet uniform which contributes to the elegant character of any Montreal event. Valet Parking also provides a dedicated on-site supervisor for the duration of the event in order to assure the highest level of security for the guests’ vehicles. For each special event Valet Parking arrives fully prepared with all the necessary tools; key-box, signs, as well as umbrellas to escort each guest.

Valet Parking has built a strong reputation over the years and our team would be thrilled to valet your next special event and provide your guests with our highest quality of service.